Magnetic sky
A set of magnets
A set of stars,
If stars are magnets
They can’t let your black eyes go,
Your black eyes don’t let ME go.
Magnetic stars,
Magnetic eyes.
Gravity just never dies.


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Please Don’t Stop Loving Me… (February Is an Exception)

xGrHamBOSu6kf5rV4uxi_Nutella Hot Chocolate_final 1.jpg

Please Don’t Stop Loving Me. This dreamy song by Elvis Presley has crossed my mind several times. It comes back now and again when I think of something beautiful. Usually it happens in autumn. February is an exception. I imagine the wonder happened once I drank a cup of hot chocolate after being completely frozen outside. It tasted sooo good, and looked almost as pretty and joyful as Kaetlyn Osmond’s Olympic bronze… and there Elvis sounded in the air…


Snow and chocolate. Kaetlyn. Evis. They make perfect moments for me.


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“When You’re Gone…” (R.I.P. Dolores O’Riordan)


I saw the news just a few minutes ago, and I cannot express how empty it made me feel. The Cranberries music was with me during the happiest years of my life, and one of my favourite songs ever – When You’re Gone – played at my prom – and I danced to it, and I cried to it, and I felt melancholic, nostalgic and infinitely grateful for my school years, and so purely, naively happy to this song… I could not even think that just after a couple of years I would listen to it to remember Dolores. I will never ever hear her live. I envy people who have. But I am also happy that her voice and her music has been – and always will be – part of my life.

This is not the most poetic and eloquent text to write to honour one of your favourite performers, but I just had to get it out before I started crying. Now that I have sung out the whole previous paragraph in a low, faulty voice, I really feel better. And maybe I am ready to write a piece of poetry – just to write something beautiful for Dolores. For myself. To know that I tried to thank her for the beautiful music she has filled my life with.

Do not judge me too severely. The poem is improvised, not prepared in advance. I want it to be as natural and sincere as possible.

Don’t ever close your lips,
Don’t turn the volume down,
The world has gone to sleep,
The sun has just gone down,
Don’t ever stop your song,
No matter we wake up,
Our love for you is strong,
We’ll turn the volume up,
We will not sleep a night,
As long as you sound near,
As long as the Earth turns right,
As long as we can hear.
But when you fall asleep,
The world will be your dream,
The sun’ll kiss your closed lips
With one last wandering beam,
And we’ll go on awake,
With your voice in our lives,
Our hearts, souls – for your sake,
To keep you here. Alive.


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Headphones (Whatever You Want)

You won’t hear me if I shout,
‘Cause your headphones are still on.
I don’t really care about your songs,
They are just too heavy and too long.
I feel jealous when they play,
They are interrupting me,
They’re so much important to you, dear,
It is not my voice you want to hear.

Whatever you want,
I will suffer for you,
I won’t turn them off.
Whatever you want
I will go in silence,
Leave you to it.
Whatever you want.

Every time you close your eyes,
I know your ears are closed as well
You do not have much space for us
And our love stays undiscussed.

Whatever you want,
I will suffer for you,
I won’t turn them off.
Whatever you want
I will go in silence,
Leave you to it.
Whatever you want.

Created by me 🙂


Your Heart’s Content on Christmas Day

We gain the capability to love more at Christmas. Love everything. Love our loved ones. Love something or someone we usually don’t, but can’t help loving today. Because it’s all so lovely and lovable, love-evoking and love-creating.

What do you love the most about today? I just love my waking up and knowing it’s Christmas. Again. And whatever happens in my life, Christmas is always there for me to let me love.

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10 Christmassy Reasons to Break Up with Your Boyfriend

  1. They have bought flowers instead of mandarins;
  2. They have chosen an artificial Christmas-tree instead of going into the forest and bringing you a real one;
  3. It has turned out they look much better in the Santa costume and you can’t stand them now in their normal clothes;
  4. They do not believe in Santa;
  5. They have got it all wrong with the Christmas present for you;
  6. They are not thrilled enough about the present you have given them;
  7. They do not share your point of view on how the Christmas-tree has to be decorated
  8. You do not have one and the same favourite Christmas film;
  9. You have found out that marrying you in the upcoming year is not among their Christmas wishes;
  10. They just do not show up on Christmas Day.


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Fantasy Flow Before Christmas

Mind that whatever I write here, is not planned in advance. It is just one of those evenings when I am ready to write as I think, so, if something seems incoherent and unpolished, please feel okay with it.

I  might sound harsh just because it is so bitterly dark outside, and there is not much snow. The sky is absolutely starless. Feels nearly as if everything and everybody is asleep, waiting for a miracle, which is not to come sooner than a week will have passed.

What do we all expect? Same as always – love and happiness. We wish for it every year, as if it is never given to us. It is wrong. We just have to value our loved ones. Even if we do, it is never enough. We are so greedy, so thirsty for happiness. In such a way, we will never ever be happy.

What is it that makes us unhappy? Is it important enough to make us as nasty as we are – just dreaming, and doing nothing to save what we already have? Do we really want to give the unpleasant things that much importance? They do not deserve it!

I’ve said that the darkness outside make me feel edgy. But nights should be dark. It is like this. And nights are beautiful. And somebody else somewhere is enjoying this darkness and counting the yellow spots of lighted windows; wondering what their neighbours are doing at this late hour; or just chatting with their sweetheart; or watching a nice romantic comedy? Shouldn’t I do the same, instead of yielding to melancholy.

I definitely should. So I stop writing and continue with a book I am enjoying tremendously (btw, it is beyond the TBR list I posted earlier this month, so I am going to keep it secret for a while, but sure be ready for a book review real soon!).



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Doctor Who Book Tag


Going to start a series of book tags with this strange one I saw on Bookish Queen Blog – hope it’s fun for me to write, for you to read and later pass on!

1. The Classics: A classic book that still fits into YA literature

A question to all of you: do we already consider Harry Potter to be a classic? If we still do not, we will very soon indeed.

But currently… it could be Oliver Twist, being a touching, heart-warming book.

2. The Ninth Doctor: A book you feel is very underrated

Hard to think of any, ’cause I’ve just realised that I have always read critically acclaimed books. But since this requires an answer, I think all the unpublished novels written by my friends, which I take so much pleasure in reading, require a genuine public recognition which is still not there 🙂

3. David Tennant: A book or series that was hard to say goodbye to when it ended

Definitely Hunger Games. And probably Caster Chronicles, too. I mean, the characters of these series became a family to me. I could not cope with losing the further track of their lives.

4. Matt Smith: A book that made you smile

I generally tend to read books that make me cry, haha, therefore the question requires some deep reflection… um, maybe Anne of Green Gables, one of my favourite books during the teenage years.

5. Rose and Ten: One of your ships that never sailed

If this means a book that I intended to read, even started it, but then abandoned, then it is Les Miserables. Yes. Sadly. It hasn’t worked out. This is why my TBR list is going to differ a lot from the one I make at the end of February – on the books that I’ll have actually read. I don’t know. It was just so heavy, depressing and hard to follow… probably I do not understand something. Hugo fans are sure to unsubsribe My English Paradise for sure, I am sorry to have disappointed you. But first please let me know in the comment section what you love about this book – it will help me to be more patient next time I decide to read it once more. Hopefully till the end.

6. Weeping Angel: A book that you blinked and it was over

Twilight was the book I read fastest. I just couldn’t stop. But the strange thing is – I forgot what it was all about as soon as I closed it. Maybe reading books that fast is not good at all – they vanish from your memory at once.

7. Daleks: A book you want to exterminate

Oh no, I am not going to answer this, it would resemble censorship if I did.

8. Bowties Are Cool: A bandwagon you jumped on early

Cannot think of such – I am always late, and always behind the trends…

9. Run you clever boy, and remember: A book with an awesome plot twist that you didn’t see coming

Probably Isabella’s running away with Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights was a turn I didn’t expect.

10. Raxacoricofallapatorius: A book with hard to pronounce names or titles

If I was a fan of fantasy, I would find this question easy to answer, but sadly I’m not, so I wait for your answers in the comment section – recommend a good book to me, but with hard-pronounceable title and names, please 🙂

11. The T.A.R.D.I.S: A book that took you back in time

Oh, there are too many of them, because I tend to read classics, and they are all taking me back in time – Vanity Fair, Sense and Sensibility, Gone with the Wind… (three dots hiding dozens more)

Any volunteers to complete the tag? Feel free to join the book tags marathon, so that the we spread the popularity of reading across this strongly cinema-Internet-technological world!


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Books I Want to Read This Winter

Huge thanks to Jenny in Neverland for her 25 Autumn blog post ideas – this is how I got inspired for this post, only I decided to make it a winter one! Be sure to check Jenny’s blog – maybe the topic of your most successful seasonal post hides there!


So, my TBR for December-January would probably be:


Lorna Doone by R. D. Blackmore, because a Victorian romance set in the 17th century is something I have longed so much for since God knows when.


Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, because I am ashamed of not having read it up until now.


The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy, because I loved the screen adaption starring Damian Lewis so much.


The Remains of the Day, because there is so much talk about Kazuo Ishiguro, and I feel a bit out of place in this world, not having read any of his works.


Dangerous Creatures series, because the Beautiful Creatures stuff captured me so much I want to prolong the fun.

But, as I am not still quite sure, I am curious to know:

Can you read Hugo without crying?

How long it took you to read The Forsyte Saga?

Have you read Dangerous Creatures and what it is like to the fans of the previous series?

Have I missed some great book you could recommend me?

Please be active in the comment section and help me modify my TBR list if you think it could be changed!


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Feeling Like Evanescence, or Why a Hiatus Is Definitely for the Better


I tend to go on a blogging hiatus from time to time. My last one has been pretty long… almost as long as the absence of any new Evanescence song in my life.

But I think that a hiatus is not a tragedy. Absolutely. It just means that you have run out of all the previous inspiration and are ready to move on to something new. And any trip – especially a courageous one – requires time.

I need time. I need time to understand the flawlessness of Imperfection. Time is silence, be it a verbal or a written one.



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