Disney Tag

As soon as I saw Disney Tag on Out of Tea Bags, I knew I could not survive without participating!


  1. Favourite scene in a princess movie? Ariel combing her hair with a fork at the dinner table! It’s just adorable how confident she is about it while everybody else doesn’t know what to make of it!
  2. Last Disney movie you watched? Hard to remember, but it was probably Tangled.
  3. Is your family Disney obsessed? Cannot say so. But they never minded when I re-watched Lion King or Beauty and the Beast more than twice a day when I was little.
  4. Cinderella’s Castle or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? I am miserable here because the Beast’s castle is my favourite – it has such a huge library.
  5. Favourite animal-themed movie? Lion King, Lion King, Lion King!!!
  6. If you could date one of the characters, who would it be and why? Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty!
  7. Favourite villain? I think it’s Malificent, especially now when I have watched Angelina Jolie’s performance.
  8. If you could have two characters from two different movies meet, who would they be and why? I think if Prince John from Robin Hood met Simba from Lion King, he would have been defeated much faster! Foxes are just not that good at winning over lions.
  9. Favourite live-action Disney movie? Parent Trap has been one of my favourite films ever!
  10. Mickey or Minnie? They are inseparable!
  11. Favourite sidekick? Mushu from Mulan.
  12. Favourite Disney movie and why? I have hesitated for long between Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, but now I know for sure I will go for the latter. It is the essence of true romance, love and magic. It shows a complicated transformation of an individual. The plot-twists are amazing, and you are relieved only during the last couple of minutes.

Wanna take part in Disney Tag! Join me and Out of Tea Bags!


Image taken from The Film Experience


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