Books I Want to Read This Winter

Huge thanks to Jenny in Neverland for her 25 Autumn blog post ideas – this is how I got inspired for this post, only I decided to make it a winter one! Be sure to check Jenny’s blog – maybe the topic of your most successful seasonal post hides there!


So, my TBR for December-January would probably be:


Lorna Doone by R. D. Blackmore, because a Victorian romance set in the 17th century is something I have longed so much for since God knows when.


Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, because I am ashamed of not having read it up until now.


The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy, because I loved the screen adaption starring Damian Lewis so much.


The Remains of the Day, because there is so much talk about Kazuo Ishiguro, and I feel a bit out of place in this world, not having read any of his works.


Dangerous Creatures series, because the Beautiful Creatures stuff captured me so much I want to prolong the fun.

But, as I am not still quite sure, I am curious to know:

Can you read Hugo without crying?

How long it took you to read The Forsyte Saga?

Have you read Dangerous Creatures and what it is like to the fans of the previous series?

Have I missed some great book you could recommend me?

Please be active in the comment section and help me modify my TBR list if you think it could be changed!


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Feeling Like Evanescence, or Why a Hiatus Is Definitely for the Better


I tend to go on a blogging hiatus from time to time. My last one has been pretty long… almost as long as the absence of any new Evanescence song in my life.

But I think that a hiatus is not a tragedy. Absolutely. It just means that you have run out of all the previous inspiration and are ready to move on to something new. And any trip – especially a courageous one – requires time.

I need time. I need time to understand the flawlessness of Imperfection. Time is silence, be it a verbal or a written one.



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My Name in To-Be-Read Books


I have come across this wonderful TBR book tag on Carolyne’s Bookish Queen Blog and felt sooo tempted to do it I just could not resist the fun. Well –

C – A Christmas Carol

A – Anne of Green Gables

T – The Thorn Birds

H – Hunger Games

I – If I Stay

E – Emma

(could not find any starting with an y, so went on with changing the spelling of my name to complete the task 😀 hope it was worth it haha)


P.S. If anybody else is eager to do this, join in and tag me!

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Italian Eyes Italianize

Black-and-white. Far away. But too close not to love.
Watch him now. And again. And it’s never enough.
I don’t know why I’ve thought of him on Tuesday night,
But I’m sure – since this day my heart won’t be alright:

It will jump out of chest every time his dark eyes
Look at me. And charm me. And italianize.
Don’t tell me it’s just a film. It’s my new life from now.
Don’t try to turn it off. I’ll restart it somehow.

I will cry, I will laugh every time when he does.
I will always say that “he still is”, not “he was”.
I’ve learnt to say “ti amo”. Two words are enough
To tell how he’s italianized me into love.


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P.S. A Tribute to Marcello Mastroianni After Watching “The White Nights”

If I Only Could

If I only could open my eyes up at once,
Just before the dizzy sun dawns in the midst of autumn month,
If I only could love my every morning ray,
If I only could forget that you’ve just said you cannot stay
If I only could ignore
The sound of closing door.

If I only could put my jealousy aside,
If I only could imagine our worlds do not collide,
I have cared too much, I have let you feel to great,
I must try to win my pride back, yes, I must at any rate,
But I still cannot ignore
The sound of closing door.

If you only could disappear from my poor brain
And the misty streets of future never made us meet again,
If you only could find more goodness in your heart,
I would have at least some hope we have a chance of some restart,
But this morning fills with rain,
Urging us to part.

By me


Monday Morning (Purple Hair)

Across the grey morning her purple hair stretches.
Her smile reflects in the puddles.
Monday-trapped passers-by shudder,
Sunday-warmed dreamers take out purple matches
To light their own hearts with routine-free love.
She laughs into her purple glove
And becomes a dream, burning down in purple flames.
But the grey Monday morning is no more the same.



Image taken from: Wallpaper Abyss – Alpha Coders


Draw red hearts on every mirror
Or leave kisses on blank walls…
Have no lipstick – feeling zero,
Put it on – you’ll make it all!

Eyes are not so damn important
When the red light switches on
And the whole world stops before you
As if all the brains were gone.

You can close your eyes and smile,
And let all the planets drop.
Someone’ll go a million miles
To get stuck. And struck. And stopped.



Image taken from OuchPress

Parking Lot

“Love is not enough
For me to be with you.
Maybe you will laugh
At me – but it is true…
I love you with all
My heart and soul – so what?
That makes an evening call
Or tears in parking lot,
But nothing more than that
If you are not the one
For you… hey, what’s the mat–
My dear, what have you done?”

“Just kissed you!”

“What for?”

“To make you understand:
I love you even more
Than you could ever stand.
So, if you are not
Now too much cross at me,
Let’s drive to the parking lot –
I’ll make you see:
It’s not for letting tears
Run and pour down your face,
It’s for me to kiss you, dear,
Hold in embrace,
Whisper, sweet and low,
That I’ll meet you next day…
But never let you go and never drive away!”

My fave Lana del Rey in “Burning Desire”


Image taken from Stereogum