Monday Morning (Purple Hair)

Across the grey morning her purple hair stretches.
Her smile reflects in the puddles.
Monday-trapped passers-by shudder,
Sunday-warmed dreamers take out purple matches
To light their own hearts with routine-free love.
She laughs into her purple glove
And becomes a dream, burning down in purple flames.
But the grey Monday morning is no more the same.



Image taken from: Wallpaper Abyss – Alpha Coders



Draw red hearts on every mirror
Or leave kisses on blank walls…
Have no lipstick – feeling zero,
Put it on – you’ll make it all!

Eyes are not so damn important
When the red light switches on
And the whole world stops before you
As if all the brains were gone.

You can close your eyes and smile,
And let all the planets drop.
Someone’ll go a million miles
To get stuck. And struck. And stopped.



Image taken from OuchPress

Parking Lot

“Love is not enough
For me to be with you.
Maybe you will laugh
At me – but it is true…
I love you with all
My heart and soul – so what?
That makes an evening call
Or tears in parking lot,
But nothing more than that
If you are not the one
For you… hey, what’s the mat–
My dear, what have you done?”

“Just kissed you!”

“What for?”

“To make you understand:
I love you even more
Than you could ever stand.
So, if you are not
Now too much cross at me,
Let’s drive to the parking lot –
I’ll make you see:
It’s not for letting tears
Run and pour down your face,
It’s for me to kiss you, dear,
Hold in embrace,
Whisper, sweet and low,
That I’ll meet you next day…
But never let you go and never drive away!”

My fave Lana del Rey in “Burning Desire”


Image taken from Stereogum

To My Dream Outfit (Don’t Be Jealous – I Just Love It!)

Glasses, lips and shoes –
Red is all I choose.
You are of no use
Yellow coat embrace.
Laugh into your face.
My heart lacks your space.
Close the door.

Forgive me, I am getting savage,
This passion’s more than I can manage,
My heart belongs to this new outfit.
Don’t be jealous – I just love it!

There is no green light
Switching on tonight,
You have got it right –
Go away.
I’ll wear these dear things,
So happy I can sing.
Yellow and red wings
Have grown today…

Forgive me, I am getting savage,
This passion’s more than I can manage,
My heart belongs to this new outfit.
Don’t be jealous – I just love it!



Image taken from Hello!

Love Always Wins

Give me your word though it means nothing more
Than eavesdroppers do for a locked iron door.
I’ll have at least something to scold you for
When you break your promise – and we start the war
Of betrayed lovers, both of whom are wrong
And whose hatred for the moment is strong,
But we will both realise before long –
Love always wins. Well, at least in this song.



Image taken from We Heart It

“Baby Names I Love But Won’t Be Using” Tag

There are so many trendy  tags around, and I am not even aware of them! Thanks to Jenny in Neverland for bringing this one up, I am definitely joining in, because naming preferences & traditions has been one of my favourite topics ever since my younger cousin was born. Finding a name for her was a massive mind-twister for the whole family. You will not find her name on this list – as we all not only loved but also used it – but I will put it in the end of the post to give credit to my little sis for partly inspiring me to write all this.


Abigail – a regal, fine name which could make a lady out of any girl who bears it. But Abigail is bound to be called “Abby” by her closest friends – and this nickname has nothing in common with the full version, in my view.

Frederica – the name is so lovely that I even called the protagonist of my first short story Frederica, but… again a problem of nicknaming. Will she become a Freddy for the rest of her life?

Giulianella –  I heard this name in a wonderful Italian film Sabato, domenica e lunedì starring Sophia Loren. One of the characters’ name was Giulianella. It sounded like music to me, and it still does. But it’s probably a bit lengthy to write and pronounce. Plus, it’s hard to decide between two nicknames – Julie or Nelly?

Lauren – to me, this name sounds masculine. I would go with Laura for a girl. But in reality it’s used for both sexes, and this is what complicates matters to me.

Louisiana – sounds much better than Louise. If it was just a given name, I would go with it. But there is this primary association with a state. I want to see a girl. Not a place.

Magnus – a majestically sounding name, reminds of “magnificent”. But the ending “-us” makes it too heavy, especially for a little boy.

Maude – Empress Maude, the Lady of the English, is currently the object of fascination to me. But the name sounds almost as mode – fashion in French. Not the worst meaning, but still…

Phillip – the name is adorable, one of my favourites, actually. Only the usual derivations from it – Phil and Pip – do not reflect it’s greatness.

Stephen – I like when Stephen is pronounced with an [f] in it. But most people read it with a [v] in English.

Waine – a fine-sounding name, which unfortunately reminds of the word “vain” – not the best trait to wish to a child.

Now I’ve done it, too. I am eager to read your lists, so please let me know in the comment section when you decide to do it.


P.S. About my little cousin – we’ve called her Veronica. It was a compromise between the two sides of our family – the fans of “Virginia” and “Nicole” 🙂

Image taken from Jenny in Neverland

Love Stop

Stop to love me,
But don’t stop loving,
See the difference,
See the pain.
Stop to love me,
But don’t stop loving,
Don’t let me stiffen,
Break the chain.

Stop to love me,
But don’t stop loving.
I know you’ve never
Learnt grammar rules.
Stop to love me,
But don’t stop loving.
Be forever
No more than you.



Image taken from Planet Sign Shop