Facebook Friendship in a 100 Words

With Facebook, I never bother meeting you in person. But without it, I wouldn’t remember your birthday.

With Facebook, I never look at you. But without it, I wouldn’t be charmed by your photo-shopped profile pic.

With Facebook, I never speak to you in the same room. But without it, I wouldn’t be able to tell you how much I ‘Like’ or ‘Love’ something about you.

With Facebook, I never tell what I really think. But without it, I wouldn’t be so awesome.

With Facebook, I never care what you really think. But without it, I wouldn’t be your friend.



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Smile in a 100 Words

You smile when you want to cry of joy, but you remain silent.

You smile when you do not know what to say, although it is desperately important to speak.

You smile when you suppress the waves of emotion – be it happiness, anger, sarcasm, pity.

There are as many smiles as feelings. Smile is a special language for expressing them. You hide – and you exhibit.

Smile is silence. A silence useless to listen to. A silence to watch. A silence to translate and respond to.

We can learn a language of words, but what about the silence of a smile?



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The First Date in a 100 Words. Version 1

He is staring at her, she – at her plate. He is admiring her, she – the wonderfully cooked pasta. He doesn’t look down, she doesn’t look up. He is not blinking, she does not stop eating. He is enchanted. She just had no time for her breakfast, obviously.


I am a passer-by. I see it all with my own eyes. It seems to me that only one of them is in love, probably.

But I can say that my admiration for this girl has no limits: I would have never been able to eat while being stared at. Especially so ardently.


Image taken from Smart Restaurants

Modern Friendship in a 100 Words

Flossy’s Instagram is full of Fanny’s photos. But Flossy’s thoughts are free of Fanny. When Fanny calls, Flossy avoids her. She has her studies and internship. No need to have Fanny.

Flossy tries to live in the same illusion her Instagram account does. She knows it isn’t Fanny’s fault that the business matters more. But the business matters, while Fanny doesn’t.

When Flossy will be tagged in a pic from another Student Council meeting, she’ll be too proud of it to spare Fanny. She’ll make her choice. She won’t be heartbroken if Fanny doesn’t press a like under that photo.



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Love in a 100 words

He was born in Rome, she – in July. They were neighbours of the same age.

He was coming from a poor family, she – from her best friend’s birthday. They met at the doorsteps. She stepped back. He opened the door for her. His birthday was the next she would come from.

One day, they were travelling along a lovely road. He fell from his bicycle, she – from her scooter. They found themselves fallen in love. It was funny to feel how love hurt their knees.

Knees healed. Love didn’t. Because they stood up – but remained fallen – for ever. In love.



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