Trust (to Estella from Great Expectations)

The bitter smell of betrayal –
Smoke of trust that has just burnt.
My past is ready for sale
To someone who won’t return.

Let it be you, the first liar,
Whose single insincere word
Set one small child’s dream on fire
And made me doubt the whole world.

Or that’s you, my beloved stranger,
Who should be deceived instead
By someone with eyes of angel
Who has once made me go mad.

Nobody comes – streets are lifeless.
Those who deserve it are gone.
I have made a deal with silence –
Can give my life to anyone.

Let it be somebody unknown,
Who’ll accept me as I am,
Who’ll share my past pain and sorrow,
And the darkness in which I swam.

If he finds me, I’ll alter the order –
I won’t sell tears of revenge.
I will go with him – beyond borders,
Where even my past will change.


© 2017 Cathy Sanju, My English Paradise. All rights reserved.

Green (to Catherine Earnshaw from Wuthering Heights)


Green rain filling her green eyes,
Green grass painting her dress green.
Don’t ask whether she has been
Charmed by spells of dark-green sky.

She won’t tell you what it means –
To run in the green of moors,
To feel green out of your doors,
To enchant someone with green.

You will never come to know,
What she hides in her green sleeve,
If it’s her tear or a green leaf
From a tree of love that grows.

She will never let you hear
Someone else calling her name,
Burning in green summer flames,
She will hold this love too dear.

She will get lost in the green,
Melt in her own sweet green curse.
For the sake of her rebirth,
You’ll release your Catherine.


Image taken from Fine Art America

© 2017 Cathy Sanju, My English Paradise. All rights reserved.