Disney Tag

As soon as I saw Disney Tag on Out of Tea Bags, I knew I could not survive without participating!


  1. Favourite scene in a princess movie? Ariel combing her hair with a fork at the dinner table! It’s just adorable how confident she is about it while everybody else doesn’t know what to make of it!
  2. Last Disney movie you watched? Hard to remember, but it was probably Tangled.
  3. Is your family Disney obsessed? Cannot say so. But they never minded when I re-watched Lion King or Beauty and the Beast more than twice a day when I was little.
  4. Cinderella’s Castle or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? I am miserable here because the Beast’s castle is my favourite – it has such a huge library.
  5. Favourite animal-themed movie? Lion King, Lion King, Lion King!!!
  6. If you could date one of the characters, who would it be and why? Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty!
  7. Favourite villain? I think it’s Malificent, especially now when I have watched Angelina Jolie’s performance.
  8. If you could have two characters from two different movies meet, who would they be and why? I think if Prince John from Robin Hood met Simba from Lion King, he would have been defeated much faster! Foxes are just not that good at winning over lions.
  9. Favourite live-action Disney movie? Parent Trap has been one of my favourite films ever!
  10. Mickey or Minnie? They are inseparable!
  11. Favourite sidekick? Mushu from Mulan.
  12. Favourite Disney movie and why? I have hesitated for long between Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, but now I know for sure I will go for the latter. It is the essence of true romance, love and magic. It shows a complicated transformation of an individual. The plot-twists are amazing, and you are relieved only during the last couple of minutes.

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Image taken from The Film Experience

Pride and Prejudice and Disney

A few days ago I came across this hilarious pic on Pinterest


…and it inspired me to search for five more similarities between Pride and Prejudice characters and those of Disney. Let’s start!

Lizzy: She loves to read. She is headstrong and brave. She is prejudiced against her future husband. She has dark hair in both 1995 and 2005 film adaptions. She is…

Belle (from Nerdist)

Darcy: He is (seemingly) selfish. A terrible introvert. Does not want to admit his feelings. Undergoes a curing transformation and turns out to be quite tolerable. He is…

The Beast (from Disney Movies). And do not get me wrong, I do not mean the looks 🙂

Jane: She is famous for her beauty. She is kind and naive. She believes in true love faithfully. She is definitely

Princess Aurora (from  Disney Wiki). Remember Jane lying ill in 1995 film adaption and you will understand where the association has come from.

Bingley: A very simple minded, naive, cute, friendly guy. Never looks deep into the problem, expresses his feelings ridiculously openly. Although he is never portrayed to be dark-haired, I am still convinced he is a total

Prince Eric (from Movie Pilot)

Charlotte Lucas: I would have never mentioned her if I did not have a strong association of this nice, modest girl with


I am aware that I haven’t satisfied your curiosity about such significant characters as Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Wickham, Kitty, Lydia and many-many others (oh, the irresistible Mr. Collins, too, of course!). I will definitely try to work on this in the future, but I also hope for your imagination! Let me know your thoughts here in the comments so that we can make a new Pride and Prejudice adaption featuring Disney characters!


Creating the Scale of Your Personal Growth

Where am I today? = What do I want to do now?

You never know what you want – this is your main problem.

I have no opportunity to fulfill my dreams. Statement false.

What stops you from going on? How can you overcome it? Examine your personal qualities, find your faults (be cruel – they are there as long as you are not where you want to be) and imagine you are a superstar who has no rights to have them.

No money. Wealth does not equal willpower.

No time. There are two types of people – those who never have time and those who always do. You are the second, because we all have 24 h a day.

I have failed. Not an excuse. You are still closer to where you want to be than where you were before. You can create a new aim – and move there from where you are – with an experience and newly acquired resources.

Measurement of your success – your satisfaction. A satisfaction of somebody who is a champion of self-criticism (yes-yes, no tears, no pity, no forgiveness). To earn a praise from yourself is a great achievement. The moment you feel it – you are on the right track.

But remember – no matter how much you have achieved, you have no excuse to stop.



Image taken from Earth Porm

Nine-Days Flower (to Lady Jane Grey)

Look back into dusty past.

July brought two queens in a row:
After the Twain hero died,
Naming Jane for the regal role,
Enemies were not to hide.

Glued to dreams of crown and power
Ready came the Bloody Mary.
End of life of a nine-days flower.
You have found it all too scary…



Image taken from goldengateatelier.com

Ten Facts About You and Me

We imagine things. Our smiles and tears do not depend on what really happens – they depend on what we think about it.

We do not like doing something when somebody else tells us to do it. Without obligation, it’s much more fun.

We are never ever sure how somebody else feels about us – and therefore are shy to reveal our own feelings, missing a great chance.

We listen to music even when we do not hear it – our fan memory works better than headphones.

We watch Titanic all alone, just not to confess that we also cry every time Jack dies.

We hate wearing glasses until we remember that Harry Potter also did wear them.

We have rehearsed our potential Oscar-receiving speech at least once in a lifetime (if you haven’t, it means you just don’t remember it).

We would love to switch our phones off so that nobody disturbs us, but we still have a mini heart attack every time we forget our phone at home.

We are unique time managers, complaining about not having enough time and wasting time.

We want to be perfect, but we are just people.



Image taken from Pinterest

Without Umbrella

Yes, sure, I left your home without umbrella,
According to the rules of story-tellers.
My first kiss – the blue lips of late October,
Not yours, thanks God. I’m cured of you. I’m sober.

I’m running free of you, free of deceivers,
Risking to catch a cold and have a fever,
All soaking wet to skin and bones, and trembling.
At least you’re being washed off me, sad ending.

The passers-by are feeling deeply sorry
For me, the girl whose eyes seems strangely worried.
In fact, I am excited to begin it –
A new life where you are no more the limit.

You’ll stick it in the thrash-bin – my umbrella,
According to the rules of story-tellers.
I’m drinking from the lips of late October,
I’ve never tasted yours, thanks God. I’m sober.

By me


One More Day in the Life of an Elf

Nobody feels anything about this strange number. Eleven. It is between the top ten and fairytale twelve.

Eleven is also a fairytale. Eleven elves. And in German elf means eleven.


Eleven a.m. is too late for getting up. Eleven p.m. is too late for arranging meetings. Is eleven too early in any case? No. Always too late. Or in time. Simply because there is no other option.

What can you express in eleven words? Too strange a word-count to think about it.

Eleven steps away? Too precise to ever find a place like this.

Eleven roses? Probably an acceptable present to your sweetheart. At least something.

Eleven songs on an album? Frequently observed.

Cannot think of anything more.

Eleven deserves more of existence. In our thoughts, associations, realisations. I am glad to think that this blog post sounds like one more day in the life of number eleven. One more day in the life of an elf.

I’ve started the countdown from eleven seconds. Now I am pressing the “publish” button.


Image taken from WallpaperSafari