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Going to start a series of book tags with this strange one I saw on Bookish Queen Blog – hope it’s fun for me to write, for you to read and later pass on!

1. The Classics: A classic book that still fits into YA literature

A question to all of you: do we already consider Harry Potter to be a classic? If we still do not, we will very soon indeed.

But currently… it could be Oliver Twist, being a touching, heart-warming book.

2. The Ninth Doctor: A book you feel is very underrated

Hard to think of any, ’cause I’ve just realised that I have always read critically acclaimed books. But since this requires an answer, I think all the unpublished novels written by my friends, which I take so much pleasure in reading, require a genuine public recognition which is still not there 🙂

3. David Tennant: A book or series that was hard to say goodbye to when it ended

Definitely Hunger Games. And probably Caster Chronicles, too. I mean, the characters of these series became a family to me. I could not cope with losing the further track of their lives.

4. Matt Smith: A book that made you smile

I generally tend to read books that make me cry, haha, therefore the question requires some deep reflection… um, maybe Anne of Green Gables, one of my favourite books during the teenage years.

5. Rose and Ten: One of your ships that never sailed

If this means a book that I intended to read, even started it, but then abandoned, then it is Les Miserables. Yes. Sadly. It hasn’t worked out. This is why my TBR list is going to differ a lot from the one I make at the end of February – on the books that I’ll have actually read. I don’t know. It was just so heavy, depressing and hard to follow… probably I do not understand something. Hugo fans are sure to unsubsribe My English Paradise for sure, I am sorry to have disappointed you. But first please let me know in the comment section what you love about this book – it will help me to be more patient next time I decide to read it once more. Hopefully till the end.

6. Weeping Angel: A book that you blinked and it was over

Twilight was the book I read fastest. I just couldn’t stop. But the strange thing is – I forgot what it was all about as soon as I closed it. Maybe reading books that fast is not good at all – they vanish from your memory at once.

7. Daleks: A book you want to exterminate

Oh no, I am not going to answer this, it would resemble censorship if I did.

8. Bowties Are Cool: A bandwagon you jumped on early

Cannot think of such – I am always late, and always behind the trends…

9. Run you clever boy, and remember: A book with an awesome plot twist that you didn’t see coming

Probably Isabella’s running away with Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights was a turn I didn’t expect.

10. Raxacoricofallapatorius: A book with hard to pronounce names or titles

If I was a fan of fantasy, I would find this question easy to answer, but sadly I’m not, so I wait for your answers in the comment section – recommend a good book to me, but with hard-pronounceable title and names, please 🙂

11. The T.A.R.D.I.S: A book that took you back in time

Oh, there are too many of them, because I tend to read classics, and they are all taking me back in time – Vanity Fair, Sense and Sensibility, Gone with the Wind… (three dots hiding dozens more)

Any volunteers to complete the tag? Feel free to join the book tags marathon, so that the we spread the popularity of reading across this strongly cinema-Internet-technological world!


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Books I Want to Read This Winter

Huge thanks to Jenny in Neverland for her 25 Autumn blog post ideas – this is how I got inspired for this post, only I decided to make it a winter one! Be sure to check Jenny’s blog – maybe the topic of your most successful seasonal post hides there!


So, my TBR for December-January would probably be:


Lorna Doone by R. D. Blackmore, because a Victorian romance set in the 17th century is something I have longed so much for since God knows when.


Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, because I am ashamed of not having read it up until now.


The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy, because I loved the screen adaption starring Damian Lewis so much.


The Remains of the Day, because there is so much talk about Kazuo Ishiguro, and I feel a bit out of place in this world, not having read any of his works.


Dangerous Creatures series, because the Beautiful Creatures stuff captured me so much I want to prolong the fun.

But, as I am not still quite sure, I am curious to know:

Can you read Hugo without crying?

How long it took you to read The Forsyte Saga?

Have you read Dangerous Creatures and what it is like to the fans of the previous series?

Have I missed some great book you could recommend me?

Please be active in the comment section and help me modify my TBR list if you think it could be changed!


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Pride and Prejudice and Disney

A few days ago I came across this hilarious pic on Pinterest


…and it inspired me to search for five more similarities between Pride and Prejudice characters and those of Disney. Let’s start!

Lizzy: She loves to read. She is headstrong and brave. She is prejudiced against her future husband. She has dark hair in both 1995 and 2005 film adaptions. She is…

Belle (from Nerdist)

Darcy: He is (seemingly) selfish. A terrible introvert. Does not want to admit his feelings. Undergoes a curing transformation and turns out to be quite tolerable. He is…

The Beast (from Disney Movies). And do not get me wrong, I do not mean the looks 🙂

Jane: She is famous for her beauty. She is kind and naive. She believes in true love faithfully. She is definitely

Princess Aurora (from  Disney Wiki). Remember Jane lying ill in 1995 film adaption and you will understand where the association has come from.

Bingley: A very simple minded, naive, cute, friendly guy. Never looks deep into the problem, expresses his feelings ridiculously openly. Although he is never portrayed to be dark-haired, I am still convinced he is a total

Prince Eric (from Movie Pilot)

Charlotte Lucas: I would have never mentioned her if I did not have a strong association of this nice, modest girl with


I am aware that I haven’t satisfied your curiosity about such significant characters as Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Wickham, Kitty, Lydia and many-many others (oh, the irresistible Mr. Collins, too, of course!). I will definitely try to work on this in the future, but I also hope for your imagination! Let me know your thoughts here in the comments so that we can make a new Pride and Prejudice adaption featuring Disney characters!


Because of Rob. Chapter 4

Shopping. A totally. Hateful. Thing. Especially when your boyfriend (no matter whether a real one or not – you are still supposed to please him) is assuring you that everything looks wonderful on you, while you are determined that whatever you try on makes you uglier with every new glance in the mirror.

Featured Image -- 844

Mrs. Caroline stood out of the way for a while and let the sweethearts work it out by themselves, but when it proved to be the most hopeless business ever, she threw Ben out of the game, having come to the conclusion that our clothes make no difference to guys as long as we are not naked, and dragged me out in the street, saying:

“I know where we are to go.”

I felt immensely relieved to be in the fresh air again, but my breath was soon taken away when Mrs. Caroline revealed that she was pulling me to her neighbor’s boutique.

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely, my dear. Lucy E. likes nothing more than seeing someone dressed the way she has wanted it.”

Well, this was the place that made me feel like a farmer’s daughter. But I was encouraged by Mrs. Caroline saying:

“Here you can choose whatever you like. Mrs. E. will be pleased with everything.”

There are rare moments in my life when I am practical. Luckily for Mrs Caroline, such a moment had come. I decided to choose the second cheapest dress seen around. Just not to rob Mrs. Caroline and to deceive Mrs. E., only a harmless bit. Choosing the cheapest dress would have made it obvious I was drawn by financial reasons. I wanted to pay her a compliment for her design, not for setting higher or lower prices. I was delighted to discover that my taste was unanimous with economy. The evening dress both chosen by me and approved by Mrs. Caroline was of dark-purple color, long, straight and simple, with a silver belt on my waist.

When my hair was done, make-up put on and heavy silver earrings completed the image, I appeared before Ben, and he shrugged:

“You look good like you did in every dress I had seen on you.”

Was it a compliment, or did it really look the same to him? Still being in my practical mood, I believed in the latter.


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“Jane Eyre” Book Covers: Overview and Personal Favourites

I have always thought that a book cover is ridiculously insignificant. You have the contents of the book – that’s enough. The cover could be torn away, it is there just not to let the pages fall apart. I was mistaken after making a tiny observation and giving it some thought. How about repeating it together?

Open Google. Enter jane eyre book. Click on images. What do you see? Let’s talk about it!

There is a huge load of book covers. Do you like them? Yes, kind of nice, and all looking like this:

Three categories: Charlotte Bronte, A Random Girl and A Scene From the Novel. Something you do not want to know before reading. You are not deeply interested in what the author looked like, are you? You know without a picture that the novel will be about a girl (who else can Jane Eyre be?) – why put her on the cover? And you definitely are not a fan of spoilers – and seeing a scene from the book before opening it is already a spoiler attack.

A book cover should make you think. Think about the ideas you might find in the book. Think of your impressions from the cover and see how it echoes these ideas.

I am absolutely enchanted by this one:


Firstly, it stands out of the common three types discussed above. Secondly, it leaves the mystery unsolved, and it still tells you enough to trigger your imagination:

A white dress – youth, chastity, purity, light, supernatural.

A bare foot – movement, travel, obstacles, overcoming, insecurity, curiosity.

Water – darkness, mystery, unknown, cleanness, salvation.

You do not see the girl – you will.

You do not see the colours – it allows you to choose your own.

You do not see the sky – the novel has to make you look up and see – see what you were missing before reading the text.

Conclusion: never underestimate the power of a common book cover.


Images taken from:

Simon & Schuster Australia

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Jane Eyre Virtual Museum

Because of Rob. Chapter 2

I stepped out on the platform to be completely dazzled by city lights and city noises. I hadn’t realised by then what the word city really meant. It was speed in its purest expression. The speed of those lights blinding me. The speed of the crowd wave carrying me. I felt somewhat clumsy and stupid for the first time in my life, and you know what – feeling stupid turned out to be completely insufferable, much worse than being called a Crowned Bookworm. Now it seemed kind of a praise. The praise I had run away from. That’s what I did now. I ran again. Only directly. Physically. Until I pressed my back against the cool wall, thinking – everyone is looking at me, everyone sees how bewildered I am, everyone is laughing at me.

But then I realised that they hadn’t even noticed me. They didn’t know I had arrived. They had the crowd, not me. Not my story. I didn’t exist there.


Emma, you have come here to face this life, not to run away from it. You have made the first great step. An absurd, but right one, so do not let yourself regret it and hide here trembling. Go further – I was saying to myself. Nobody can ever make us move but ourselves, because we listen to nobody else. Especially at sixteen.

So – what would my next great step be?


Despite the fact that it was a hot summer day and the warmed-up park lanes and banks could be very tempting to sleep on at night, I was not this romantic to do so. But I also had no idea of where I could find a home. Newspaper advertisements were excluded – I was too an impatient sort of girl to go through them. Knocking randomly at people’s doors was a direct way to spending the night Scotland Yard and then being sent back to my parents. Impossible. I decided just to walk around a bit until some genius thought might occur to me. I was well aware it wouldn’t. But I didn’t have any other option.

After about two hours of wandering I was becoming hysterical. I was ready to kill myself for climbing out of the window at damn romantic summer midnight, having materialistic ambitions of personal growth. I thought of my parents who definitely assumed their daughter had gone crazy. Clinically crazy. They were certainly cursing me and cursing themselves. And the policemen, troubled by my parents, were also cursing me. And I was cursing me. I felt so damn cursed.

I sat on the bank and stared before me. I had been sitting so for a while until I realised someone else was staring at me during the last few seconds. I turned my head very rapidly, meaning what the hell do you want from me? But I didn’t say it aloud, for it was changed at once by a girly-curious wow, who are you?, as handsome guys always bring up such an interest. And it was a handsome guy. Dark eyes, brown hair, clean look, tall and sportive body. I raised my eyebrows, thinking – not bad. And it got even better, when he almost ran to me and asked anxiously:

“Will you be my girlfriend?” and rubbed his forehead in an obvious confusion.

I left my eyes wide open, took a deep breath and pressed out the only word I had in mind:


My ability to speak brought him into higher spirits:

“No, I mean… will you be so kind as to act as my girlfriend only for tonight?”

“A rather perverse offer, you know!”

I was talking freely. I saw that, despite his film star appearance and such a brutal pick-up line he was kind of afraid of me.

“Oh no, you’ve misunderstood me again! I’m only asking you to come to a party organized by my mother’s friends and be presented to the guests as my girlfriend. You see, my mother has made a deal with the hosts that I will finally bring a girlfriend with me. All you will have to do is to dance with me a bit and not to kill me if I kiss your cheek considering it part of the game. I just want to please my mum.”

He said the last phrase with such a genuine childish expression (although he looked a couple of years older than me), that I couldn’t help exclaiming:

“How sweet!”

“So you agree?”

What other choice did I have? At least I would meet some people who could probably help me, although I didn’t believe much in the huge quantity of compassionate souls.

“Will your mother be aware it’s only a trick?”

“Sure. I am not good at lying to her. Her friends are millionaires, you know, so we’d better win,” he winked.

“Okay. But I will also want my share,” I winked back and laughed at his being confused again.


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Because of Rob. Chapter 1

Emily J. has never been a reasonable girl. You see, I adore self-criticism. But what else can be said, if at the age of sixteen I climbed out of my bedroom’s window right at midnight (for I wanted everything to look as romantic as possible) and caught the first train that arrived at the deserted station at 4 a.m. and took me to London. A little comment on this – my parents didn’t have the slightest notion of my most spontaneous change of place. I had left them a note on the windowsill:

Had a quarrel with Rob. Set off in search for a better boyfriend. Love, Emma.

Note: Yes, my given name is Emily. But it has always sounded too soft and lady-like for the currently rebellious me. Therefore – Emma. Deal with it.

It is quite obvious that Rob was an imaginary alien, that I had never had a boyfriend, and, as a result, no guy could be brought to responsibility for quarreling with me. Neither did I have any intention to find one to quarrel with.


I was just fed up with everyone and everything, especially my schoolmates who kept on calling me a Crowned Bookworm.

It is strongly believed that love for books equals arrogance. At least here. I couldn’t go on like this. But I left for London not to throw out all my brain and prove I am one of those common glamorous blondes guys usually fall for. To start with, despite having long fair hair, luckily, they are darker. As to my eyes, my friend Eliza, one of the few adequate people of my acquaintance (gosh, I really DO sound arrogant, I’ve caught their virus!), used to say: “Emma, no matter what a nice singing voice you might have, blue-eyed soul is forbidden to you from the start.” True. They happened to be brown.

I was aware I was pretty enough for London (arrogant again, no?), but what really bothered me was – how the hell was I going to dress up all that sufficient beauty? You see, my style could be defined as dark-blue jeans and a loose shirt. Usually checked. If I want to look like a stylish bitch – tied up with a belt. That’s what I really loved. It gave me the feeling of a childish country freedom.

But, becoming a sixteen-year-old with a bitter sense of humour and somewhat poisonous manner of leading dialogues, you suddenly begin to understand that one freedom can be greater than another. An illogical thought, but very true. You throw yourself into this controversial discovery just to prove that you CAN. What exactly – it’s very unclear, especially to you. But it’s too late to pull back – one leg is already hanging from a windowsill, your backpack falls onto the wet grass, you are balancing yourself with a great difficulty to leave a genius note for your parents (leaving a note of any kind in such a moment is a sign of great affection, believe me), then you jump down next to your backpack, make sure the belt you have tied up your shirt with is in the right place… and you are already having a nap in the train which is taking you to places you have seen only on the map or in the movies. It’s a great step. And great steps are usually absurd. At least for me.


P.S. All persons and events portrayed in the story are fictitious. The only real name here is London.

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