Standing on the Bridge

Standing on the bridge, looking in your eyes,
Seeing neither hell, nor paradise.
Standing on the bridge, say which one is true –
Whether I just like or love you.

Leave me on the bridge, go as far as hell
(Or you are an angel – cannot tell),
Leave me on the bridge, see which one is true –
Whether I will bless or curse you.



Image taken fromĀ Conde Nast Traveler


Modern Friendship in a 100 Words

Flossy’s Instagram is full of Fanny’s photos. But Flossy’s thoughts are free of Fanny. When Fanny calls, Flossy avoids her. She has her studies and internship. No need to have Fanny.

Flossy tries to live in the same illusion her Instagram account does. She knows it isn’t Fanny’s fault that the business matters more. But the business matters, while Fanny doesn’t.

When Flossy will be tagged in a pic from another Student Council meeting, she’ll be too proud of it to spare Fanny. She’ll make her choice. She won’t be heartbroken if Fanny doesn’t press a like under that photo.



Image taken fromĀ Pinterest