Pride and Prejudice and Disney

A few days ago I came across this hilarious pic on Pinterest


…and it inspired me to search for five more similarities between Pride and Prejudice characters and those of Disney. Let’s start!

Lizzy: She loves to read. She is headstrong and brave. She is prejudiced against her future husband. She has dark hair in both 1995 and 2005 film adaptions. She is…

Belle (from Nerdist)

Darcy: He is (seemingly) selfish. A terrible introvert. Does not want to admit his feelings. Undergoes a curing transformation and turns out to be quite tolerable. He is…

The Beast (from Disney Movies). And do not get me wrong, I do not mean the looks 🙂

Jane: She is famous for her beauty. She is kind and naive. She believes in true love faithfully. She is definitely

Princess Aurora (from  Disney Wiki). Remember Jane lying ill in 1995 film adaption and you will understand where the association has come from.

Bingley: A very simple minded, naive, cute, friendly guy. Never looks deep into the problem, expresses his feelings ridiculously openly. Although he is never portrayed to be dark-haired, I am still convinced he is a total

Prince Eric (from Movie Pilot)

Charlotte Lucas: I would have never mentioned her if I did not have a strong association of this nice, modest girl with


I am aware that I haven’t satisfied your curiosity about such significant characters as Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Wickham, Kitty, Lydia and many-many others (oh, the irresistible Mr. Collins, too, of course!). I will definitely try to work on this in the future, but I also hope for your imagination! Let me know your thoughts here in the comments so that we can make a new Pride and Prejudice adaption featuring Disney characters!



Fairy Faith: Your Key to…

We are obsessed with finding all kinds of keys. A key to success. A key to somebody’s heart. A key to paradise.

What does it really mean? A plan of actions in order to achieve what you want? Maybe. But there are always some circumstances working as evil forces against you. A key is not enough. You need luck.

Luck cannot be found. It can only be given to you by somebody. Can you attract the luck giver like entrepreneurs attract customers? I cannot imagine what marketing campaign would be successful here.

Luck is magic. Do you believe in magic? You should, if you do not want to lose all your hopes.

Your key, then, is a miracle. So, watching Disney movies when you were small was not at all silly. And being a fan of Scottish fairytales is also fine.

Just believe. Fairy Faith is here – with Hope as a support. With Love as a gift.



Image taken from WallpapersCraft