Headphones (Whatever You Want)

You won’t hear me if I shout,
‘Cause your headphones are still on.
I don’t really care about your songs,
They are just too heavy and too long.
I feel jealous when they play,
They are interrupting me,
They’re so much important to you, dear,
It is not my voice you want to hear.

Whatever you want,
I will suffer for you,
I won’t turn them off.
Whatever you want
I will go in silence,
Leave you to it.
Whatever you want.

Every time you close your eyes,
I know your ears are closed as well
You do not have much space for us
And our love stays undiscussed.

Whatever you want,
I will suffer for you,
I won’t turn them off.
Whatever you want
I will go in silence,
Leave you to it.
Whatever you want.

Created by me šŸ™‚



Your Heart’s Content on Christmas Day

We gain the capability to love more at Christmas. Love everything. Love our loved ones. Love something or someone we usually don’t, but can’t help loving today. Because it’s all so lovely and lovable, love-evoking and love-creating.

What do you love the most about today? I just love my waking up and knowing it’s Christmas. Again. And whatever happens in my life, Christmas is always there for me to let me love.

Image taken fromĀ Eskipaper.com


Fantasy Flow Before Christmas

Mind that whatever I write here, is not planned in advance. It is just one of those evenings when I am ready to write as I think, so, if something seems incoherent and unpolished, please feel okay with it.

IĀ  might sound harsh just because it is so bitterly dark outside, and there is not much snow. The sky is absolutely starless. Feels nearly as if everything and everybody is asleep, waiting for a miracle, which is not to come sooner than a week will have passed.

What do we all expect? Same as always – love and happiness. We wish for it every year, as if it is never given to us. It is wrong. We just have to value our loved ones. Even if we do, it is never enough. We are so greedy, so thirsty for happiness. In such a way, we will never ever be happy.

What is it that makes us unhappy? Is it important enough to make us as nasty as we are – just dreaming, and doing nothing to save what we already have? Do we really want to give the unpleasant things that much importance? They do not deserve it!

I’ve said that the darkness outside make me feel edgy. But nights should be dark. It is like this. And nights are beautiful. And somebody else somewhere is enjoying this darkness and counting the yellow spots of lighted windows; wondering what their neighbours are doing at this late hour; or just chatting with their sweetheart; or watching a nice romantic comedy? Shouldn’t I do the same, instead of yielding to melancholy.

I definitely should. So I stop writing and continue with a book I am enjoying tremendously (btw, it is beyond the TBR list I posted earlier this month, so I am going to keep it secret for a while, but sure be ready for a book review real soon!).



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Italian Eyes Italianize

Black-and-white. Far away. But too close not to love.
Watch him now. And again. And it’s never enough.
I don’t know why I’ve thought of him on Tuesday night,
But I’m sure – since this day my heart won’t be alright:

It will jump out of chest every time his dark eyes
Look at me. And charm me. And italianize.
Don’t tell me it’s just a film. It’s my new life from now.
Don’t try to turn it off. I’ll restart it somehow.

I will cry, I will laugh every time when he does.
I will always say that “he still is”, not “he was”.
I’ve learnt to say “ti amo”. Two words are enough
To tell how he’s italianized me into love.


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P.S. A Tribute to Marcello Mastroianni After Watching “The White Nights”

If I Only Could

If I only could open my eyes up at once,
Just before the dizzy sun dawns in the midst of autumn month,
If I only could love my every morning ray,
If I only could forget that you’ve just said you cannot stay
If I only could ignore
The sound of closing door.

If I only could put my jealousy aside,
If I only could imagine our worlds do not collide,
I have cared too much, I have let you feel to great,
I must try to win my pride back, yes, I must at any rate,
But I still cannot ignore
The sound of closing door.

If you only could disappear from my poor brain
And the misty streets of future never made us meet again,
If you only could find more goodness in your heart,
I would have at least some hope we have a chance of some restart,
But this morning fills with rain,
Urging us to part.

By me


Parking Lot

“Love is not enough
For me to be with you.
Maybe you will laugh
At me – but it is true…
I love you with all
My heart and soul – so what?
That makes an evening call
Or tears in parking lot,
But nothing more than that
If you are not the one
For you… hey, what’s the mat–
My dear, what have you done?”

“Just kissed you!”

“What for?”

“To make you understand:
I love you even more
Than you could ever stand.
So, if you are not
Now too much cross at me,
Let’s drive to the parking lot –
I’ll make you see:
It’s not for letting tears
Run and pour down your face,
It’s for me to kiss you, dear,
Hold in embrace,
Whisper, sweet and low,
That I’ll meet you next day…
But never let you go and never drive away!”

My fave Lana del Rey in “Burning Desire”


Image taken fromĀ Stereogum

To My Dream Outfit (Don’t Be Jealous – I Just Love It!)

Glasses, lips and shoes –
Red is all I choose.
You are of no use
Yellow coat embrace.
Laugh into your face.
My heart lacks your space.
Close the door.

Forgive me, I am getting savage,
This passion’s more than I can manage,
My heart belongs to this new outfit.
Don’t be jealous – I just love it!

There is no green light
Switching on tonight,
You have got it right –
Go away.
I’ll wear these dear things,
So happy I can sing.
Yellow and red wings
Have grown today…

Forgive me, I am getting savage,
This passion’s more than I can manage,
My heart belongs to this new outfit.
Don’t be jealous – I just love it!



Image taken from Hello!

Love Always Wins

Give me your word though it means nothing more
Than eavesdroppers do for a locked iron door.
I’ll have at least something to scold you for
When you break your promise – and we start the war
Of betrayed lovers, both of whom are wrong
And whose hatred for the moment is strong,
But we will both realise before long –
Love always wins. Well, at least in this song.



Image taken fromĀ We Heart It

Love Stop

Stop to love me,
But don’t stop loving,
See the difference,
See the pain.
Stop to love me,
But don’t stop loving,
Don’t let me stiffen,
Break the chain.

Stop to love me,
But don’t stop loving.
I know you’ve never
Learnt grammar rules.
Stop to love me,
But don’t stop loving.
Be forever
No more than you.



Image taken fromĀ Planet Sign Shop