Nathalie (Insulted Pride)

Sue explaining to me what I should say to Nathalie after Jack has done something wrong:

No doubt – she’s been too proud
And too insulted to forgive.
Try crying to persuade
He loves her more than they both live.

My pessimistic observation:

Again, the task of friends
Looks like a hard deed to fulfill,

My passive conclusion:

I better withdraw now.
End of the love they both had killed.

By me




Lara shines out of the window –
Brighter than the sun above
Everyone who lifts their eyes up
Cease their dreams – and fall in love.

Everybody wants to date her,
Win her heart, her soul and charms.
Lara laughs – she’s non-existent.
She is just a clock alarm.

An image created by me 🙂