A Pre-Dinner Post on Weight-Controlling English Breakfast

When you are looking forward to an exceptional meal in the evening (as I am right now), but it is too early to open the fridge, you start recalling all the delicious things you fed yourself with this morning.

I am a huge fan of English breakfast, but I almost never eat the full version of it. For those who are desperately working on weight-loss (or at least controlling their weight, like me), it may seem a bit too heavy: sausages and bacon, eggs and hash browns, oatcake, beans, mushrooms…  and and toast with butter and jam to sweeten your tea.


Well, the good side of it that it is not an English supper. I have discovered that the key to staying in shape is paying utmost attention to what you eat before going to bed. For breakfast, almost everything is acceptable, as long as it is not too much. I personally know that a full English breakfast implies a serious work-out session for me. Due to the lack of time, I have decided to go for a small English breakfast.

My favourite parts of it are: a poached egg, fried beans, bacon, and a toaster with a thick layer of both butter and jam (no sugar for the tea then!). As to the oatcake, I substitute it with a bowl of oat porridge. This is a perfect breakfast for me.

Of course, I vary it from time to time. There are some days when I am in a mood for a couple of sausages and scrambled eggs, but then I refuse myself the pleasure of eating the toast and enjoying my beloved peach jam.

Not that I am having this or that variant of the English breakfast every single morning – but it is still the most preferred way of starting my day, as it brings me lots of pleasure and energy.

Highly recommended to everyone!


Featured image taken from The Telegraph