If I Only Could

If I only could open my eyes up at once,
Just before the dizzy sun dawns in the midst of autumn month,
If I only could love my every morning ray,
If I only could forget that you’ve just said you cannot stay
If I only could ignore
The sound of closing door.

If I only could put my jealousy aside,
If I only could imagine our worlds do not collide,
I have cared too much, I have let you feel to great,
I must try to win my pride back, yes, I must at any rate,
But I still cannot ignore
The sound of closing door.

If you only could disappear from my poor brain
And the misty streets of future never made us meet again,
If you only could find more goodness in your heart,
I would have at least some hope we have a chance of some restart,
But this morning fills with rain,
Urging us to part.

By me



Scarlet and Black

You never were the one to understand my pain,
To shield me when I was standing out in the rain.
I was too proud to ask, I was too proud to call,
‘Cause who are you to me, after all?

Sending scarlet fire in the black sky…
But the stars I want to burn are too high.
Scarlet love, black remorse – all together now,
Oh how I wish I could fix it all – just tell me, how?

I never dared to throw my arms around your neck,
But when you were leaving, I kept on looking back.
You never realised you loved me deep inside,
But kept a thought of me every night…

I know there’s still a hope lying on dusty street,
Lost there by other fools who’re just like you and me.
Look down – I know it is lying right at your feet,
Take it – and maybe you’ll admit I’m all you need.

It was long ago I realised you were mine
And the days without you did not feel fine,
Do confess now that you’ve loved me all along,
So that we can put a happy ending to this song.

Sending scarlet fire in the black sky,
Feeling almost as if I was ready to fly,
Black remorse over now, scarlet love to bloom
Hopefully, as far as calling you my bridegroom…

By me


Standing on the Bridge

Standing on the bridge, looking in your eyes,
Seeing neither hell, nor paradise.
Standing on the bridge, say which one is true –
Whether I just like or love you.

Leave me on the bridge, go as far as hell
(Or you are an angel – cannot tell),
Leave me on the bridge, see which one is true –
Whether I will bless or curse you.



Image taken fromĀ Conde Nast Traveler