Scarlet and Black

You never were the one to understand my pain,
To shield me when I was standing out in the rain.
I was too proud to ask, I was too proud to call,
‘Cause who are you to me, after all?

Sending scarlet fire in the black sky…
But the stars I want to burn are too high.
Scarlet love, black remorse – all together now,
Oh how I wish I could fix it all – just tell me, how?

I never dared to throw my arms around your neck,
But when you were leaving, I kept on looking back.
You never realised you loved me deep inside,
But kept a thought of me every night…

I know there’s still a hope lying on dusty street,
Lost there by other fools who’re just like you and me.
Look down – I know it is lying right at your feet,
Take it – and maybe you’ll admit I’m all you need.

It was long ago I realised you were mine
And the days without you did not feel fine,
Do confess now that you’ve loved me all along,
So that we can put a happy ending to this song.

Sending scarlet fire in the black sky,
Feeling almost as if I was ready to fly,
Black remorse over now, scarlet love to bloom
Hopefully, as far as calling you my bridegroom…

By me