If I Only Could

If I only could open my eyes up at once,
Just before the dizzy sun dawns in the midst of autumn month,
If I only could love my every morning ray,
If I only could forget that you’ve just said you cannot stay
If I only could ignore
The sound of closing door.

If I only could put my jealousy aside,
If I only could imagine our worlds do not collide,
I have cared too much, I have let you feel to great,
I must try to win my pride back, yes, I must at any rate,
But I still cannot ignore
The sound of closing door.

If you only could disappear from my poor brain
And the misty streets of future never made us meet again,
If you only could find more goodness in your heart,
I would have at least some hope we have a chance of some restart,
But this morning fills with rain,
Urging us to part.

By me




Never asked you what to say,
Never asked you what to do,
But you told me what I may,
But you told me what not to.

You know now what I’m to say,
You know now what I’m to do,
Just three words: do go away.
You’ve told me, now I tell you.



Image taken from Film Comment

2 A.M.

Everyone’s telling me that we shouldn’t meet again.
I’m sitting up in bed, still awake at 2 a.m.
I don’t know if you are worth it
Or I should sleep, dreaming of another guy,
But I

I never lied:
When you were close,
It was enough to make my head spin so crazily.
I had to fight electricity
That ran through me non-stopping-ly.

The weight of world is too sweet to throw it all away.
The noises of night city’re telling I will be okay.
I’m too sleepy to deny that
You are not the only one for me
And you will see

I’ll find someone
To charge my veins
And love me much better than you could imagine.
I can sleep now
In spite of rain –
It is so peaceful since you’re gone.

A drawing created by me 🙂